Business Resilience

Business resilience encompasses the ability of an organization to promptly adapt to any kind of changes and turbulences, while maintaining its going-concern and safeguarding the assets and shareholders. Having a solid strategy in place with appropriately resourced systematic and organizational layers will ensure success, which requires careful assessment and planning. The process includes strategic decision making to identify organizational needs either before a project or venture begins in Indonesia, or to identify and implement remedial actions on existing operations.


How we can help you

Our services protect the clients’ business from disruption and ensure it remains operational, recovers from a harmful event and grows stronger in resilient and effective manners. The services include:

  • Comprehensive design of resilience system
    Design safety, security, emergency and resilience management systems which consider the requirements and nuances of the Indonesian operational environment and ensure organizational integration with internal and external stakeholders and continual improvement.
  • Threat, vulnerability and risk assessment
    Identify vulnerabilities, evaluate threats and priorities resources with risk assessment; harnessing high quality intelligence inputs
  • Intelligence and investigation systems
    Provide selected points of high quality reliable, actionable information according to needs of the organization as the basis of concrete recommendations.
  • Ensure the effectiveness of resilience management systems
    Arrange and observe desktop and integrated crisis management exercises, test Business Continuity and Resilience systems, and identify improvements.
  • Resilience response
    Deploy emergency and security resources if required to stabilize critical events
  • System monitoring, audit and review
    Ensure the business units are complying with relevant standards, internal policy and procedure and legal requirements of safety, security, environment, emergency, anti-corruption and quality
  • Design and review the compliance system
    Design or review the compliance of relevant documents on policy, procedure, and risk management, and translate them to or from Bahasa Indonesia


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